Myths And Facts About Erectile Dysfunction

about erectile dysfunctionErectile dysfunction is a hot-button issue discussed by physicians, pharmacists, patients and other involved in this subject that is why it is surrounded with so many facts, assumptions, reasons and consequences that it is difficult to understand what is true. We are going to highlight just a couple of points out of this long list as we think the most important ones and check out what is fact or myth in them. Thus, buying Viagra online and generics you’ll feel more confident in its influence on your body.

Erectile Dysfunction and Age

Let’s talk about age. They say that erectile function decreases when a man is growing older. It does not matter how healthy he is, if age of 40 comes, he should expect low potency. So it is a normal part of everyday life and there is nothing to do but to accept this role. Do not even allow a thought like that!

It is true that erectile dysfunction is more common at the advanced age but it doesn’t mean such a health state is normal and of course a man is not expected to live with it refusing to have sex as often as he prefers. It is true that there is a need in a longer and more intensive sexual stimulation for an elder man in order to make him aroused comparing to the same situation when he was younger. But a longer stimulation still must cause sexual function and its lack is regarded as deviation that should be treated. Another thought is popular that young men can never have erectile dysfunction. Yes, they can! Even if as we said such a problem is more common for men being on the wrong side of 70, a very young man can face it due to his health condition.

Treating Erectile Dysfunction

Treating Erectile Dysfunction

There are a range of efficient and available medications for treatment of erectile dysfunction.  Their action is proved through the years, while the contraindications and side effects are known very well to escape undesirable consequences. Being informed of that the men suffering ED think that from now on they will take the pills and nothing will change. But it should be understood that there are options for potency and treatment for the reason of erectile dysfunction, which are effective in a lot of cases. So there is a chance to restore the lost sexual potency and not only to gain it after a pill. Those medications can be taken by mouth, or injected into the penis, or even inserted into the urethra.

As far as the reason for erectile dysfunction is often hidden in different deviations and health conditions including diabetes, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, heart diseases, when a patient gets rid of the basic reason, the erection problem may disappear without a trace like a horror at the night.

Some prescription medications are able to decrease potency and even cause ED but this is not a permanent state just a side effect. A man facing ED should consult with his doctor whether it is possible to replace the taken medication if it is a cause.

Besides, the bad habits should be refused in order to regain potency. A man is highly recommended to change lifestyle. Stop smoking, taking too much alcohol and eating too much fatty meal. Do your best and start losing weight and if there is no difficult health condition the sexual potency should be returned.

There is another way to treat ED – a visit to a psychotherapist or just a rest if the work time has been too intensive recently. One should know that there is anxiety-related erectile dysfunction type when a completely healthy man having normal sexual life suddenly starts suffering ED. In order to overcome the stress, buy cialis here or other remedy and enjoy sex without any depressions and disappointments. But do not think that you can cope with this problem without a doctor. There are several risks when one is trying to take ED pills without consultation with a physician. First of all the remedies differ a lot as to its compounds and effects, even when we are speaking about the well-known cures. In addition on the market there are many supplements for ED, which can be dangerous consisting of ingredients forbidden for the particular patient.

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