Main potency enemies

Many causes can influence man’s potency, but problem of erectile dysfunction or sexual weakness, as a rule, boils down to one main issue – lack of blood flow. At the same time, blood amount, that enters cavernous bodies of penis and remains in it isn`t enough to achieve or maintain erection.

It is hard to disagree with urologists opinion, which, in generalized form, sounds like this: “Man`s health is determined by state of his sexual sphere. Problems of sexual function are absent only in healthy person. ”

Here are 9 more common habits and substances, that can also lead to erectile dysfunction. Lets talk about them more detailed.


Antidepressants can be named as dysfunction culprits. Some of them decrease libido and cause to delayed ejaculation. Such information is contained in side effects section of instructions, included with these drugs. On other hand, these drugs usage is a great idea for men with premature ejaculation – of course, only after consulting doctor!


Tobacco smoke damages blood vessels and reduces its supply to penis tissues. Restricting blood leads to redistribution of blood to supply other organs, and penis is “supplied by residual principle”, and becomes just one of organs, receives blood – even during sex. This tobacco effect isn`t specific to men: it can affects sexual function.

Pressure drugs

Drugs, that affect pressure, reduce blood flow of penis, which can further complicate vessels functioning, that have been damaged by pressure of blood. Studies number indicate, that medications of blood pressure can lead to erectile dysfunction, but some of them have destructive effect on sexual function.


Some early studies have suggested that statins can reduce sexual activity by reducing cholesterol production, common precursor of sex hormones, including testosterone. Statins can lead to dysfunction quickly, but they also improve sexual and lipid function. Lowering cholesterol creates great body circulation and increases blood flow in penis.


Antihistamines also reduce blood flow of penis, causing erectile dysfunction. Moreover, this kind of drugs are common than is commonly thought. Of course, Claritin and Zyrtec are well-known, but modern doctors advise drugs of similar effect for nausea treatment, muscle relaxation and insomnia.


Almost any illegal substance can reduce sexual opportunities. We mean substances such as cocaine, marijuana. They can impair ability to erection, reducing excitation response to brain.


Alcohol can reduce brain’s ability to sexual stimulation respond and create additional risks in case of long-term usage. Chronic alcoholics put their livers at damage risk, which in turn causes health problems cascade, including erectile dysfunction.

Soy products

Soy contains chemicals, which reduces libido. It isn`t excluded, that estrogen-like substances, found in soy, can also reduce sexual activity regulation.

Insufficient water intake

Water is contained in all foods, along with food we consume some amount of fluid. But, this fluid isn`t enough, body needs water in its pure form, about 1.5 liters per day. According to statistics, most of us drink less than half of required amount of water. Water balance in human body affects our well-being, but also our ability to receive satisfaction in sexual life.

So, as you can see, a lot of things can influence on male potency, so take them into attention and your sexual life will be great and continuous.