Four ways to diversify sex life

Do you often play in bed, are you not bothered by your caresses? After all, sometimes it`s not bad to shake things up, try something new, unexpected. Play sex games. They will allow you to update your somewhat bored sex.


In any person exhibitionist “hides”. It manifests itself in different ways. Some enjoy fact that they show their male dignity to nervous young ladies on street, others, to point of insanity, do gymnastics, perfecting their figure so that they can proudly display it on beach.

And in general, admit it, because sometimes you want to feel that they are watching you. So satisfy this desire. For example, no matter how open your relationship with your spouse or partner is, let him know that when you are alone in bathroom or in toilet, something very secret and juicy happens there. Encourage desire to spy on you and inadvertently give him that opportunity (without closing, say, door tightly).

Or make love in front of open window and without turning off lights. Another option is to shoot your love games on video. Feeling that even theoretically someone can see you, brings extraordinary sensations. And then it’s very interesting and exciting to look at yourself from outside.

Acting skills

It’s no secret that, no matter how strong love is, sex with same person becomes boring. If you have rich imagination, then, of course, you can imagine that you are making love with completely different person.

Well, what if it isn`t? Try to really change yourself and your partner or partner. To do this, you need to have only little imagination and craving for acting. Dress up in completely different person, change your voice and hairstyle, clothes, underwear, change your sex technique: if you were active, become passive and vice versa.

Imagine having sex with hero of one of series or with wife’s girlfriend (it’s usually not recommended to tell your wife about it!), As long as image matches original at least a little, then your imagination turns on – and novelty is assured.

One of most interesting varieties of this game is “Virgin” and You are me, and I am you. Men, as a rule, are very excited by idea that they can sleep with virgin, and for woman moment of experiencing desire and fear that she remembers is very exciting.

Phone sex

If you have two telephones in your home, then go to different rooms and talk for health, but it is much better to do this when one of you or both are at work or somewhere else (for example, option for most extreme spouses is in bed with lover/mistress).

Excitement said or heard will lead you to peak of passion. Many have problem at first: what to talk about. Start with your fantasies, tell us about your desires, even if they are most fantastic, imagine how you carry them out together, and then go on.

Extreme situations

Did you try to have sex in elevator or in museum (benefit in many museums now you can’t meet with living soul), in park? Even if you have lived together for 20 years and have never tried something like this, it`s never too late to do so. Search and discover new public places to have sex. Adrenaline, entering blood during such games, gives great pleasure.

Yes, and in any apartment in addition to bedroom there are places where sex is unexpected and very pleasant. Having sex in different places, you will surely find such. One couple, for example, found that cunnilingus on refrigerator when woman is sitting on it, and man is standing nearby, gives both very pleasant feelings, and sex on working washing machine is fantastic. Now they regularly “defrost the refrigerator” and “wash laundry”.