Erectile dysfunction: causes, symptoms, treatment

treatments for erectile dysfunctionLoss of sexual power (an inability to reach or maintain erection) is typically a temporary phenomenon. You can hardly find such a man, who has never in his life faced this problem. Typically, erectile dysfunction is short-term and caused by alcohol overuse or by physical tiredness.

But, there is a category of men, whose impotence or erectile dysfunction represents permanent chronicle disease, provoked by fear, stress, and lack of self-confidence or inferiority complex.

How does erection come? Under influence of many factors (thoughts about sex, pleasant sensations) penile blood supply is increased, veins are fully filled with blood, which makes a penis grow bigger and thicker. At the same time ischiocavernous muscles squeeze the base of a phallus blocking blood outflow from it. This is a mechanism, how a male organ gets “petrified” for some time.

It is thought that erectile dysfunction has a psychological background, connected with depression, fear or stress. But current researches prove that in 50% of cases impotence is caused by some physiological reasons. Fortunately, there are many treatments for erectile dysfunction, which successfully deliver men from this problem.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

The medical reasons of impotency are:

  • Complications after insular diabetes,
  • Microcirculation disorder (reduction of blood circulation in vessels of small diameter),
  • Injury of nerves,
  • Hormonal derangements, such as deficiency in testosterone,
  • Addictions to smoking or alcohol,
  • Diseases of kidneys or liver,
  • Taking of some drugs: sedatives, tranquilizers, diuretics or hypertensive preparations.

Sexual frustration can appear after a surgery on a bladder, prostate gland, lower parts of an intestinal canal or a backbone.

Physiological reasons are resent stress or nerves shock, change of habitual life style or a sexual partner, complex of inferiority, fear of the first time sexual experience and so on. For more information about erectile dysfunction and its causes visit


Initial manifestations of this ailment are observed in more than 30% of men in the age of 18-59. First signs of impotency are the following:

  • Absence of spontaneous morning and night erections. If adequate erection disappears, but spontaneous remains, it is a case of psychological erectile dysfunction,
  • Weak erection or insufficient hardness of a penis during a sexual contact. In this case loss of sexual power indicates vascular, neurogenic or hormonal disorders,
  • Inability to maintain erection. Premature ejaculation in the very beginning of a sexual intercourse or even before it is a sign of vascular problems.

If you suffer from one of these symptoms, do not hesitate to ask a doctor’s advice – a professional is sure to prescribe right treatments for erectile dysfunction.


Whatever a reason of erectile dysfunction is, this disease is successfully cured in absolute majority of cases. Consultations and trainings can help patience with psychological disarrangements. Medical or surgical intervention or appropriate drugs will bring this function in order.

Only a qualified doctor can diagnose the reason of impotency and prescribe suitable preparation. The best treatment for erectile dysfunction, highly recommended by professionals is Viagra (Sildenafil). This medication is prescribed for impotency caused by medical reasons. An active ingredient absorbs quickly into blood, its maximum concentration in plasma is achieved in 30-60 minutes after taking a pill. Optimal dosage is 50 mg (one capsule) per day; otherwise side-effects are possible.

 Cialis (Tadalafil) is considered to be best treatment for erectile dysfunction, if the problem has a psychological background. The sufficient dose is 20 mg (one pill) is taken 15-20 minutes before sex. The effect lasts up to 36 hours. This preparation stimulates erection during sexual excitement, enhancing penile blood supply.

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