42 rules of men`s health

42 rules of men`s health

Nowadays people are so educated, that they can give one or another advice to the one or another side. But some of them are rather stupid and useless, that you mustn’t ever think about them. If your aim is to overcome this problem, you must pay attention only to the professional advices.

How to behave yourself and be health?

Specially for you we will name 42 rules, which every man must remember all the time:

  1. Regular sex with the same partner. That will help you to get the satisfaction in all its demonstrations.
  2. Pay attention to your penis. Keep it safe and clean all the time – it doesn’t matter, what life style do you have.
  3. If you have the problems with potency, you must pay attention to the remedies. Maybe they didn’t match you and the problem is still developing.
  4. Be careful with the hygiene.
  5. Use only healthy underwear. It must be of comfortable size – your moves must be free.
  6. Take care of the back. Don’t sit near the open window and wear the T-shirts of the correct size.
  7. Don’t listen to the information in the internet, which propose you to make your penis bigger – that isn’t true.
  8. You must except the hookups, because it will give you a chance to get a dangerous disease.
  9. Don’t forget about contraceptives.
  10. Don’t ignore masturbation, because it will improve your potency level.
  11. Remember about AIDS, syphilis and blennurethria. That diseases are very hard to cure and the result of missed therapy can be shocked.
  12. Don’t be jealous. Your woman will be with you during a very long period of time.
  13. One sex partner is really good for you and the state of your sexual health.
  14. Blood pressure plays a very important role, because it influences on your feeling.
  15. Control the level of cholesterol.
  16. Control your hormones.
  17. Be careful with urinary system – keep it safe.
  18. Use only right and healthy vitamins without any side effect.
  19. Eat man products, as meat and vegetables.
  20. Find the physical exercises, which you like and do them every day. Don’t even try to find the reason for rest.
  21. Your life energy must be at the high level.
  22. Take contrast shower to improve the blood pressure.
  23. Move your body, find a new hobby, considered with sport.
  24. Pay attention to the healthy products.
  25. Infections mustn’t come to your organism. Do your best to overcome it.
  26. Don’t use muscle pills – they have a great influence into your potency.
  27. Cold weather can be very dangerous for you and your body.
  28. Keep your body safe from any injuries.
  29. Remember, that even bicycle can bring your danger.
  30. You must control your visits to the toilet. They mustn’t have any pain.
  31. Be careful of conditioner.
  32. Say “no” to chemical remedies.
  33. You must do your best to safe yourself from infraction.
  34. Alcohol must be taken only in special dates. The amount of it must be limited.
  35. Get rid of overweight – it takes your health.
  36. If you smoke, you must over. It is a bad habit, which brings a lot of harm to your organism.
  37. Visit doctor at least 1 time a year, even if you have no necessity in it.
  38. You must often analyze your relationships with the closest people.
  39. Don’t be shy and do all the things with assurance.
  40. Don’t become desperate – it will poison your life.
  41. Respect yourself and state the health on the first side.
  42. Over the half of diseases are the result of great stresses – remember it!

Such list must be read by every man in the Earth. Of course, some thoughts can be familiar for you, but some of them are rather new. Pay attention, that man can name himself healthy, if he tries to observe these requirements. Believe us, it is not so hard, as it seems from the first hand.